Our Process

At West Madison Wealth Management we use a comprehensive discovery process to help our clients formulate clear goals and objectives. The process begins by learning all we can about you, and carefully listen to everything you share with us, because we know it is very important to you. Then, we will work on determining your top priorities, not only in your professional and family life, but also your lifestyle, hobbies, and personal interests. This will become the first and most important building block for the investments we may select for you.

After gathering all the information needed and keeping in mind your risk tolerance, we will begin the process of building possible options. When this step is complete, we will review the options with you, along with the benefits, drawbacks, and fee structure associated with each option.

Once we have agreed on the best possible options for you, we will determined the best way to implement them, and begin the monitoring and rebalancing process. We will also go through the review process, and we will consider your preferences as we begin setting up our review calendar.

For companies, foundations, and institutions, the process is similar, with the appropriate approvals as we move thru each step. Also, other considerations may be added based on the company's requirements, such as assisting with implementing Executive Retention, Incentive, Bonus Plans, or Deferred Compensation programs.