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Estate & Trust Services

We realized the importance of estate planning in our clients overall wealth management. While we are not estate planning attorneys, we closely collaborate with them to make sure our clients' needs are addressed. Our goal is simple, we want to be sure your estate matters are organized and your wishes carried out. To help our clients, we have partnered with the several of the best estate attorneys.

Since we are intimately involved in all aspects of our clients financial needs, we may even bring the estate planning attorney to our office and help to quarterback the meeting; if our clients feel more comfortable with that arrangement. Also, we work alongside our estate planning attorneys to identify the best solution for you, whether it be a simple will or a number of specific trusts.

We offer corporate trust services through The Private Trust Company, N.A, an affiliate of LPL Financial.. We believe that one of the most difficult decisions a client can make is to appoint the right successor trustee should something were to happen to our client. While many clients automatically choose a family member or a close friend to handle these duties, it is important to understand what that entails, not only to how your wishes will be carried out, but also the added responsibilities, and at times burden to the appointed successor. Having a corporate trustee removes any conflict of interest while maintaining the integrity of your wishes. Visit to learn more about it.