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Fee Structure

Calculating fees is one of the most important things we do with our clients; but it can't be a flat fee for everyone, because our clients have different needs, and different level of assets, and may use many products. Where there are situations in which we may be able to assist with account fees at the 0.50% level, there are also times when we can only do it at the 2.50% level.  It has to do with what we are doing, what is the level of assets we are putting to work for you, and what products we are using to toward our goals.  Also, some of our platforms have fees in the lower end of the spectrum, if however, we are using sophisticated strategies, or portfolio managers from our vetted list using Separately Managed Accounts, the fee may at the higher end of the spectrum.

Outside of the advisory accounts, the fees are determined by the products used, then the level of assets; and there are times when the need is so specific as to allow us to find solutions where the client pays zero in fees.

We would like our clients to know as much as possible about how the fees are calculated, and many times, when we know the fees will have an impact to our client's account, we will encourage our client to choose something at a lower cost, or more efficient in the long term.

If you have a situation you like us to assess the fee structure for you, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.