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At West Madison Wealth Management, we believe in going beyond the ordinary to design bespoke solutions for our clients and we treat every client as if they were our only client.  We also believe it is our duty to support and contribute to the communities we serve.  That is why this year we were honored to be the Vine Sponsor at ITA CityLIGHTS event!


We are an independent financial shop with clients across the country, but Chicago is our home.  We are fortunate to serve individuals, families, and business owners to help them achieve financial piece of mind which comes from having a tailored  plan to help them from start to finish: from growing their wealth, to protect it along the way, and eventually distribute it for a lifetime worth of income and passing it to future generations.  To us, every client is a “business partner,” we listen carefully to our client’s aspirations and seek to fully understand their current lifestyles, and all of it will be reflected in the design of their very own tailored solution.



If you let us have a complete picture, we will carefully build your plan.  When we talk about a complete picture, we mean a complete picture: starting with your current situation, Debts, Expenses, Assets, Cash Inflows and Outflows, Tax Returns, and your plans, immediate, midterm, and long-term plans.  We will ask you to describe the characteristics of the future you envision, including location(s).  We will help you assess the risks and whenever possible, mitigate or cushion them, and in some cases completely eliminate them.  



If you would like to see what is possible for you.  The first two appointments are complementary, and are meant to determine if we are a good match to work together.  We’d like to believe we can help everyone, but the reality is that not everyone wants to be helped, or wants our help, and we respect and understand that.  We also believe this is too important to leave to change and that is why a snapshot of the current situation and a custom plan is so important.  If you like to stop by and visit us, please check Gabe’s calendar and book a time that works best for you.  



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